It's election season: Make your vote count

世界杯比赛买球, in partnership with the Secretary of State’s office and metro area county clerks, announced two zero fare days to encourage voter participation in the upcoming general election. In recognition of National Vote Early Day and General Election Day, 世界杯比赛买球 services will be available at no cost to all customers on Friday, Oct. 28, and Tuesday, Nov. 8.  
This effort encourages voter turnout in the 世界杯比赛买球 region and removes a cost barrier for people to travel by bus or train to cast their ballot.  

Register to vote or update voter information 
U.S. citizens who are 18 or older, are not currently serving a felony sentence and have lived in Colorado for at least 22 days are eligible to vote in the 2022 election. Register online or update contact information by Oct. 31 to receive a mail-in ballot. Eligible Coloradans can also register to vote in-person through election day at local Voter Polling and Service Centers (VPSCs).  

Learn about the candidates and issues 
The Colorado General Assembly has compiled the 2022 Blue Book to provide impartial and fair assessments and in-depth information about ballot initiatives, constitutional amendments, laws and fiscal impact statements. The Blue Book is available online in written and audio formats and is available in English and Spanish.  

Many candidates running for office will have webpages where information on their platform is available. 

Find a polling place or ballot drop box 
Ballots must be dropped off no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day (Nov. 8). Use this link to find the nearest drop box or Voter Service Polling Center. Union Station has a ballot drop box located near Track 12 (E and W Line). Customers do not need to be residents of Denver County to use it; their ballots will be routed to the appropriate county.  

Track a ballot 
Colorado uses BallotTrax to keep voters updated on the status of their ballot. Sign up for this free system.  

Volunteer and promote participation in democracy 
Consider applying to be an election judge. Election judges assist voters at polling places and help county clerk and recorder’s offices process ballots. Apply to volunteer with the county clerk and recorder.