We make lives better through connections. Community members have meaningful opportunities to participate in and influence planning and decision-making at 世界杯比赛买球.


Our Community Engagement Team hosts public meetings, attends community events and festivals and provides presentations to groups interested in learning more about transit services.

Engage With Us

Calendar If you would like to visit with us, go to the Events Calendar to see where the 世界杯比赛买球 Community Engagement Team will be in the community.

Local Festivals and Events – If your organization or local government is hosting a festival or event and believe 世界杯比赛买球’s presence could enhance the experience for participants, drop us a line by submitting the Request for Appearance form at the bottom of the page

Presentations – 世界杯比赛买球 staff love talking transit! You can request a presentation on topics like transit safety, how to use 世界杯比赛买球 services, pass programs, discount fares and other 世界杯比赛买球 initiatives. The Community Engagement Team will work with you to create a meaningful dialogue between 世界杯比赛买球 and your organization.

Transit Experience – Occasionally, 世界杯比赛买球 or its partners host hands-on travel training courses to educate new customers on how to ride the 世界杯比赛买球 system.

*events and times are subject to change

Be a Partner

Committee Participation – Advisory committees are a way for members of the community to be actively involved in 世界杯比赛买球 projects and initiatives.

Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities Comprised of customers, this discussion-based group works to improve the quality and accessibility of 世界杯比赛买球’s Access-a-Ride services.
Customer/Citizen Advisory Committee – This 17-member committee provides region-oriented advice as 世界杯比赛买球 works to implement its strategic plan. 
Small & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Advisory Council – Members of the small business community are invited to participate in this council which helps to increase relationship building across D/SBE communities and increase contractor participation and remove barriers to 世界杯比赛买球 contracts. Email [email protected] for more information.

Share Your Voice

Board of Director Meetings世界杯比赛买球 is governed by a 15-member publicly elected Board of Directors. Register for upcoming public meetings and review past meeting minutes here. Visit the 世界杯比赛买球 Meetings Calendar website to view the schedule for upcoming Board meetings.

Contact Customer Care – 世界杯比赛买球’s call center is available to answer questions or resolve concerns and can be reached by calling 世界杯比赛买球 or by submitting an electronic comment card.

Contact a Director – Visit the Board of Directors page to contact your representative on the 世界杯比赛买球 Board of Directors.

Service Changes – Three times a year, 世界杯比赛买球 Service Development implements modifications to bus and rail schedules. Service Changes are based on analysis of traffic patterns, ridership, economic factors and community feedback. 世界杯比赛买球 staff host public meetings to discuss proposed changes and collect feedback from customers. Learn more about Service Changes here.

Special Projects世界杯比赛买球 undertakes initiatives that work to improve service delivery across the district, including the Fare Study and Equity Analysis, Reimagine 世界杯比赛买球 and Northwest Rail Peak Service Study. 世界杯比赛买球’s Projects webpage provides detailed information about these initiatives as well as ways to get involved.

Stay Informed

Get Social – Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInInstagram and YouTube.

News Stop – Learn about special projects and initiatives and other updates on 世界杯比赛买球’s News Stop.

Service AlertsSign up to receive service text messages and emails so you know when an unplanned service disruption occurs on your route.

Subscribe to Read-n-Ride – Read-n-Ride is 世界杯比赛买球’s monthly online customer newsletter that includes the latest information and news about 世界杯比赛买球.

世界杯比赛买球 Request an Appearance

世界杯比赛买球 will only consider event and presentation requests that are submitted at least THREE WEEKS in advance. A confirmation email will be sent after your request is submitted. If you do not receive a response within one week, please contact Community Engagement.

世界杯比赛买球 reserves the right to determine what events in which it participates based on the following parameters:

  • Relevance to 世界杯比赛买球’s mission;
  • Availability of resources; and
  • Timing and location (世界杯比赛买球 attends events within 世界杯比赛买球’s District).
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